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Paint with Purpose Fundraiser 2024

We are proud to announce that Daughters of Divine Power is launching a new project to support survivors of domestic violence. Our Genesis Fresh Start Basket provides essential items needed when moving into a new home. All proceeds go toward purchasing items for this vital program, which will make a world of difference to those in need.

3rd Annual Stepping in Love Awareness Event 2023
THEME:  Wallflower Dance

Daughters of Divine Power is dedicated to empowering women to break free from their wallflower status and embrace their inner strength. Our awareness events are designed to create a space where women can gather, celebrate themselves and receive support and guidance on how to truly flourish. See some of our recent projects below to discover how we are making an impact and changing lives.

High Tea Fundraiser 2023

Daughters of Divine Power is committed to empowering survivors of domestic violence to heal and grow. Our High Tea Fundraiser is aimed at raising funds for this cause, and we are proud to host this event. Our auction will raise money to provide survivors with essentials items as they rebuild their lives towards living a fulfilling life with purpose. Read more about our projects and join us in our mission!

2023 Mantled for the Marketplace Fundraiser

At Daughters of Divine Power, we believe in empowering survivors of abuse to become thriving entrepreneurs. Our Mantled for the Marketplace fundraiser is just one way we work towards this goal. Through our projects, we aim to provide hope, healing, and resources to women who have overcome incredible challenges.

1st Annual "Stepping In Love" Awareness Event
Theme:  Bridal March and Purple Ribbon  

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